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july 2006

Knitsmiths get their geek on!

We missed the sign when we arrived. The first thing we noticed was that one of our tables was gone. Then someone said the Booksmith was using it upstairs for a book signing. Groan. Then someone said it was Wil Wheaton who was using our table. So a few of us closet geeks ran up to see.

It was Wil Wheaton! Using OUR table! That is so cool! (He was signing his book Just a Geek. You can read about his trip to Boston on his blog here.)

Then Alexis got the brilliant idea to ask him to sign the table. Dana went with, Shireen was our expert in social assertiveness, so she asked, and I took the pictures.

That is soooo awesome! Thanks to Wil for being such a good sport after a long event. We are really thrilled to have your signature on our table!

(Check out Alison's blog and Dana's blog for a bit more on our brush with geekness.)

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